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If you are interested in the difference, the strange and in new experiences, you are in the right place ! Discover unique places and sites in France and Europe as well as thematic travelling around art, gastronomy, sport and music.

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We aim at offering tailor-made trip experience to our discerned travelers by designing thematic tours with exclusive activities. Every tour could be fully customized according your requirements and we propose you a large panel of unusual activities and exclusive events.

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France is one of the escape destinations known for its culture and gastronomy. We have built some tours with themes such as Art, Gastronomy, Sport and Music to ensure that our travelers will live great and amazing travel experience.

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France and Music

Take A Tour Suggested Duration : 8 days France Visited Places : Paris, Corsica Previous Next tour Details Combine music with the discovery of France

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You are curious and looking to live unique experiences in unusual and entertaining places ? So you are in the right place !

Artoo Travel proposes you unsual sites to visit, exclusive restaurants and some hidden places to discover to enjoy an unique travel experience. 

Atypical Restaurant
Café des Chats
For a relaxing cuddle break, discover the Café des Chats in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Live with a dozen of cute cats! All dishes and desserts are "home-made".
Original Restaurant
Dans le Noir ?
Discover the gastronomic restaurant ‘’Le Grand Véfour’’. Located in the heart of Paris, it is a jewel of 18th century decorative art. It is one of the finest gourmet rendez-vous of the Parisian society.
Gastronomic Restaurant
Le Grand Véfour
Discover the gastronomic restaurant ‘’Le Grand Véfour’’. Located in the heart of Paris, it is a jewel of 18th century decorative art. It is one of the finest gourmet rendez-vous of the Parisian society.
The art nouveau building on Avenue Rapp
This eye-catching, asymmetrical 6-story building is located in the tranquil neighbourhood around the Eiffel Tower. Built in 1900 by the architect Jules Lavirotte, the building’s design is reminiscent of Gaudí’s work in Spain. Curved lines, dissimilar windows, unusual colours and, above all, beautiful mosaic cladding and an intricately sculpted door make this a true architectural masterpiece
The oldest public clock in Paris
Commissioned by Charles V in the 14th century, the clock in the Palais de la Cité features elaborate gold embellishment, and has been keeping time since 1371. Look up at the clock between the two allegorical figures representing the law and justice and you will spot the initials of Henry II and Catherine de’ Medici, some Latin inscriptions, and the dates of the clock’s restoration.
The 5 Statues of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty – a symbol of the United States, and of New York City in particular – was in fact created by the French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, and given to the United States by France to commemorate the friendship between the two countries. There are 5 replicas in various parts of Paris.
The oldest house in Paris
The oldest house in Paris is located in the Marais district. Built in 1407, it is now a traditional bistro named Auberge Nicolas Flamel after its original owner, a famous alchemist who is believed to have discovered how to transform lead into gold.
The most artistic street: Rue Dénoyez
If you’re exploring the Belleville district, don’t miss out on the area’s street art hotspot: Rue Dénoyez. Street artists give their creativity free rein all along this 150-m long street, where art events are frequently held. Huge murals, graffiti, tags, vibrantly coloured flowerpots …
Paris’s zero point
In the courtyard outside Notre Dame Cathedral, a brass plaque embedded in a concrete slab bears a rose compass and the inscription Point zéro des routes de France. Under Louis XV, this symbolic point became the marker from which distances to all other French towns were measured. Legend has it that if you walk over this point, your footsteps will always bring you back to Paris.
The oldest pastry shop in Paris
he Pâtisserie Stohrer. Nicolas Stohrer, learnt his trade in the kitchens of the King of Poland and later followed his daughter Marie to Versailles when she married Louis XV. After working at the court for 5 years, the pastry-maker opened a shop of his own on Rue Montorgueil. It was here that he invented the rum baba. Everyone who is anyone in Paris has flocked here since 1730. It is still one of the city’s most famed pâtisseries.
Unusual Sites
Galerie Vivienne
Built in 1823, is one of the most iconic covered arcades in Paris. You can admire the colourful mosaics on the ground and appreciate the beautiful glass roof which lets in the light.
Unusual Sites
Passage des Panoramas
An hommage to strollers and curious walkers, it is considered the first covered walkway in Paris. Built in 1799, it has retained its old-fashioned charm and merchant spirit. Each store window reflects an historical moment of the French capital
Hidden Places
A bunker under Paris
A bunker hidden under Paris! Come and discover a bunker under the station of the East more precisely under the tracks 3 and 4. A gloomy atmosphere. This is an “active” shelter, ordered in April 1939 by the military authorities and completed in November 1941.
Hidden Places
Paris Catacombs
A veritable labyrinth in the heart of underground Paris, the Catacombs were installed in the tunnels of former quarries. Twenty meters underground in a maze of galleries, visitors will discover an ossuary containing the remains of several million Parisians

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