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Focusing on responsiveness and availability, Artoo Travel offers peace of mind ensuring that everything is running smoothly. We endeavor to achieve excellence with support 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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Tailormade Just For You

We Provide Special Tours And Events France & Europe

Artoo Travel creates tailor made deluxe holidays for discerning clients seeking luxury travel and unique experiences. Luxury is a story of know-how. It is also a story of time, the time of creation, that of appreciation. It is a universe whose atmosphere is only emotion.

This Is Our Passion

We organize customized luxury experiences that offer tailor-made holidays in France and Europe. We have been innovating the finest and most unique holiday and high-end travel experiences throughout France and Europe since 2012. 

Providing a wealth of knowledge, our dedicated and experienced experts are ready to craft your perfect holiday and bring it to life with exclusive and unforgettable experiences

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Places.

A few steps to create your dream travel

Artoo Travel teams of travels advisors aim at guiding you to plan your vacations matching with your expectations.

01. Tell us about your trip

Get in touch with our trip advisors team by phone and e-mail and share you ideal and dream trip and the kind of experiences you would like to have.

02. We plan your Holidays

We use our expertise to craft unique and customized itinerary and activity proposals according your holidays preferences and specific interests.

03. Book Your Vacation

Once your itinerary is refined to perfection, you will book your custom trip with us and confirm all services and coordinate all logistics with 24/7 support

04. Give us Your Feedback

After your return flight home, Artoo Travel will invite you to share your feedback and experience with fellow travelers by writing a review.

About Artoo Travel

Our Story

Stéphane Vouillaume and Sunvy Sun started Artoo Travel to promote the concept of “FRENCH ART DE VIVRE” around the world by offering our discerning travelers unparalleled and personalized travel services.

Promoting Worldwide the "French Art de Vivre"

As busy executives in Paris, Sunvy and Stéphane wanted to share their common passion for art, cultural exchanges, French elegance and travel. They wanted people to experience this way of life, through a reflection of their love of life and the recognition of a better quality of life.

As they searched the web, the two lovers did not find any travel specialist offering itineraries based on authentic experiences through cultural exchanges. Thus, the idea for Artoo Travel sprouted, and 11 years later, travel specialists from all over the world are highlighting and promoting this world-renowned “FRENCH ART DE VIVRE”.

We pride ourselves on our expertise at organizing bespoke deluxe holidays for discerning travelers seeking exclusive & luxury travel. We have been innovating the finest and most unique holidays and high-end travel experiences throughout France and Western Europe since 2010.

As founder and CEO, Stéphane leads th compagny with focus on quality and excellence

Stéphane is a recognized leader with a respected reputation for innovation and reliability. Stéphane has been quoted in top travel publications and was regularly interviewed by French public TV channels such as: France 2 and France 3. Stéphane’s passion and love for travel has taken him to more than 38 countries.

 From diving with whale sharks in the Philippines to going on safaris in Kenya, his centers of interests are also in art, cooking and history with an enthusiasm to discover new cultures, traditions, and ways of life. Stéphane received his MBA from ISG business school and MS in Economics from Sorbonne University.

Co-founder, Sunvy was in charge of marketing and Communication

Sunvy loves art, interior design, elegance and refinement. She has a passion for Chinese symbolism used in the world’s most famous luxury brands. Her centers of interests are also in art auctions and museums around the world. 

Sunvy received a Master’s degree in graphic design from Tsin Hua university in Beijing, and a PhD in communication from Nice Côte d’Azur University.


Our Teams

Meet Artoo Travel Team

Our multi-lingual and multi-cultural team is skilled at planning and organizing bespoke holidays. We can arrange tailor made trips that suit you from chauffeured tours around the breathtaking French vineyards and landscapes, shopping experiences, to a tour of France and its Michelin starred restaurants.

Over the years, we have built excellent relationships with both national and international partners.


founder & CEO

” While born in Madagascar, I have spent 16 years in South East Asia and 33 years in France. Having traveled to over 38 countries, I particularly treasure the moments that I establish a genuine connection with locals through cultural exchanges. I love eating street food as it reveals the real local’s way of life. I now enjoy spending time with my family and going on a weekend trips in the French countryside. “



” Passionate about travel and thrills, I am a daring and greedy person. I love cooking Chinese food, especially cuisine from Hunan and Jilin provinces. My favorite dishes are the steamed fish with hopped Chili and Hunan Rice Noodles. I enjoy painting and drawing and teach kids the painting and drawing techniques every Sunday. “

Collaborateur dynamique d'Artoo Travel


Travel consultant

“Born and raised in Indonesia, i moved to France to pursue my studies in Tourism. I studied at Sorbonne University in Paris and got my bachelor degree in E-commerce and Tourism.” “ A music aficionado, travel obsessive, and a linguaphile, i find my muse of being travel specialist. I enjoy getting (not too) lost in Sumatran Jungles, mixing my own limoncello in Sorrento or simply just lying under the golden hour listening to sunset prayer in Marrakech. “



” My passion for travel and food sparked when I first visited Italy with my family. I instantly loved the feeling of discovering a new country with a different culture. With over 40 years in the food and hotel industry, I now enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

 Pierre was a former associate professor at Harward University and was decorated – Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur –  on June 18, 2022.”


project manager

” Born and raised in Morocco. I love playing, analyzing, and watching football games and I am deeply passionate about sport tourism. Working in the tourism and hospitality industry has allowed me to meet amazing people from all over the world and share special moments with them. Always smiling, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends or posting on my Instagram blog. “

Taha received a Master’s degree in business management of sport tourism and a Master’s degree in strategy and operational management of the hotel and catering.”

our promises to each traveler

We are guided by following core values

Best-in-class Service

We focus on beign and proactive as we are committed to excellence, to health & safety and to be always at your service.

Dedicated Organization

As from arrival of our travelers in the country, we deal with all the necessary planning and logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly.

24/7 Support

We offer peace of mind for every traveler: Our team is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to make sure everything is working properly.

First-hand experience

We work exclusively in France and Western Europe. This exclusive focus means we have first-hand experience that offers real benefit to clients.

Accurate Communication

We believe in structure and punctuality. We ensure that clients have a clear picture of their developing event at all times and are consulted at every appropriate and necessary occasion.


At Artoo Travel, discretion is always assured.