Unusual discovery


You are curious and looking to live unusual experiences in unusual and entertaining places so look at this page.
Let’s start with Paris, the capital of FRANCE!

Come and discover this luxurious covered passage built in 1823 in the Palais Royal district. Galerie Vivienne has been listed as a historic monument since 1974. It is 176 meters long and a zenith light illuminates the mosaic floor of the period. Inside are shops of refined luxury. Come and walk there, for a moment out of time in an exceptional setting. Passage to Paris in the same style: Passage des Panoramas at Grands Boulevards


Do not be afraid. Dare to go down to the catacombs of Paris in the 14th arrondissement. But especially once inside keep your eyes wide open. You never know…

Discover the street art in Paris…

A bunker hidden under Paris! Come and discover a bunker under the station of the East more precisely under the tracks 3 and 4. A gloomy atmosphere. This is an  “active” shelter, ordered in April 1939 by the military authorities and completed in November 1941.



For a relaxing cuddle break, discover the Café des Chats in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Live with cute cats!


Restaurant Dans le Noir? Paris in the 4th district. Come eat in the dark and live a new experience! Relax, close your eyes and be guided by the person who will attend you.

Discover the gastronomic restaurant ‘’Le Grand Véfour’’. Located in the heart of Paris, it is a jewel of 18th century decorative art.