Terms of Sale

Article 1. Designation of the parties

This document defines the conditions under which the company Artoo Travel is linked with the person or entity with whom it deals and is referred to herein by the term manager. If the client or manager is not the organizer or the organizer uses an intermediate, they are jointly responsible for all obligations under the contract.

Article 2. Réservation

For any request from Artoo Travel’s client, a detailed estimate will be made. This estimate lists the various services, the number of people, even the dates of the services to be provided. The signing of the estimate by the person causes a contractual relationship, which involves booking firm and definitive of all the benefits stipulated in the estimate. The manager is committed by its signature to pay a deposit representing 40% of the total price of the quote. This signature implies the acceptance and respect of terms of sale. Subsequent changes to the initial estimate will be done in writing.

Article 3. Payment and Deposit

At more than 90 days, a deposit equal to 50% of the total estimated billing is due.

60 days before the start of the event, the deposit must represent 75% of the total estimated billing.

30 days before the start of the event, the deposit must represent 100% of the total estimated billing.

Any deposit due or paid will be required / retained in case of total cancellation of the event.

Article 3.1 Annulation

All cancellations must be notified in writing. Only the cancellation date recorded by the company Artoo Travel is used to determine the amount of costs as follows:

More than 90 days before arrival: No cancellation fees.
Between 90 days and 61 days: any cancellation will be charged at 50% of the contracted price.
Between 60 days and 30 days: any cancellation will be charged at 75% of the price contracted.
Less than 30 days: any cancellation will be charged at 100% of the contracted price.

Article 4. Force Majeure

The company Artoo Travel will be exempt from liability, without compensation, in the partial or total breach of contract resulting from a fortuitous event, due to a third party or event of force majeure. The events of force majeure referred to here are all accidental or catastrophic losses, attacks, fire, total or partial strike, damage and other disasters, pandemic declared by the World Health Organization or any action by the Authority administrative or public authorities making impossible the contract or preventing its normal execution.

Article 5. Data included in the drafting of bills

5.1. Premises and accommodation for seminars: invoicing will take into account local, rooms, company rooms based on the agreed reservations no later than 15 calendar days before the date of the event. If the actual use is lower, charging will be done on the basis of confirmation made 15 days before the event. At that time, if the number of people is not confirmed by the customer, the sales department will validate a billing basis.

5.2. Catering: Catering services will be billed based on the number of people confirmed in writing to the sales department at least 15 calendar days before the date of the event and the choice of menus. When the number of participants is higher than announced, billing will be based on the actual number of actual participants. If by that date, that is to say 15 calendar days before the event, the number of people is not confirmed by the customer, the billing database will be that of the last quotes in force. No menu choice confirmed by the customer, it will be chosen by us.

Article 6. Hours

6.1. Seminars: Prices seminars packages include the rental of rooms. These are available from 08:00 to 18:00; any change in time will have to agree in advance the commercial department of the company Artoo Travel.

6.2. Banquet: Banquet prices include the rental of rooms. These are available in standard fashion for lunch from 12:00 to 15:30, dinner from 20:00 to midnight. Any schedule change will have to agree in advance with the commercial department of the company Artoo Travel and will likely incur additional charges for exceeding.

Article 7. Liability of the organizer

Personal effects carried by the organizer, are installed in the premises of the event or in the company at the risk of the organizer. The evidence provided by the customer shall be in accordance with the regulations on protection against fire. The company is entitled to demand that he be shown all 

certificates in this direction. Once the event is over, the objects must be immediately removed. If the organizer fails to do so, the company is entitled to conduct the removal at the customers expense. If the objects remain in the local of the event, the company is entitled to charge the rent of the room for the relevant. 

7.1. Insurance: The customer must also be guaranteed in liability from a reputable company, at the end of article 1382 and following of the Civil Code covering damage that could be caused to the building and its surroundings, there including car parks, facilities, installations and other property belonging to the company.

Article 8. Equipements et manutention

When at the request of the client the company provides the organizer and other technical equipment belonging to third parties, it is the name, mandate and on behalf of the organizing client. The customer is obliged to handle such equipment with the utmost care and return them properly and in working condition. It releases the company from liability regarding claims by third parties arising from the assignment. The company does not have manpower or materials handling equipment, it is the client to provide, where appropriate, the equipment and personnel necessary for the good performance of this task.

Article 9. Disputes

Any dispute arising from the use of premises or equipment will be the jurisdiction of the company.

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